The Sea Calls

Our weekend in Pacific City, Oregon at the beach house is coming to a close once again. Back to the big city hustle we go, yet haphazardly and without motivation.

Every visit brings us closer to moving here permanently. We enjoy it here, especially during the off season when limited tourists visit. The town is very small, almost desolate except for the local hotel, Stimulus, and Pelican Pub & Brewery. These are usually filled with tourists driving up or down the 101, coming and going, never to be seen again, like ghosts in the wind.

The locals are very kind and giving, friendlier than most. In my experience, small towns can be forgiving, lonely, or happy depending on how you decide the outcome. Whatever the case, leaving the hustle and bustle of the big city behind is an idea that creeps into our reality. As we continue to get crushed by the humanity around us in the big city, the small beachfront town of Pacific City seems like a utopian oasis outside the chaos. Yet, only time and circumstance will dictate if we end up here, and if we stay till the lights go out.