Our New MinPin

We recently adopted a Miniature Pinscher from a Min Pin rescue.

Our New Min Pin
Our New Min Pin “Olive”

“Olive” as we are now calling her was one of a few hundred dogs saved from a puppy mill in Gold Bar Washington. Supposedly, she was used to breed Min Pin puppies for the puppy mill. We think she may have given birth to at least 5 litters, based on her age (a year and a half) and the gestation period for puppies as well as what age they first go into heat. We were told she was kept in a crate all day long up in the attic of a house, most likely taking care of her immediate litter until they were taken away, then she was bred once more. We don’t think she was abused per se, it just wasn’t the most loving home. However, she’s very loving and affectionate. She’ll jump up in your lap and fall asleep and she always approaches people and other dogs when we walk her around the neighborhood. She’s very playful and good natured, although she needs some training for a few annoying habits, like jumping up on our new furniture.

Overall, we are very happy with her and she is a great addition to our family. If you’re thinking of adding a dog to your family I would suggest going through a rescue group. You can and will find a great friend. If you live in Washington State and would like a minpin we suggest Southern Star MinPin Rescue. I believe they’re also in other states as well.

We especially like how she has one permanently floppy ear and one pointed, it adds to her personality.